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Residential Solar Design

Our team of engineers is experienced in creating residential permit packages that support safe and efficient installations.

‚ÄčEach state has its own standards and specifications. Our engineers are trained to consider the necessary requirements, i.e. local AHJs, utility requirements, and HOAs.

Custom Solar Design

Considering your accurate project requirements, our residential solar plan set or permit will have all the essential features such as:

Schematic line drawings

Two-dimensional layout drawings

Site installation drawings

Roof or ground mounting schematics

Voltage calculation

OCPD/Interconnection calculation

And all that is necessary for an approved permit

Our Detailed Permit Includes

Our Typically Solar plan set includes the following details for installing solar panels, with or without battery backup, and whether the residential system is Grid-tied or Off-Grid. The plan set is designed to comply with all state, local, and utility requirements.

Cover sheets

Site plan

String layout and bill of material

Attachment detail

Equipment specifications and calculations

Single line and three line diagrams

Signage (PV safety label Location)

Equipment data sheet

cover sheet
site plan

Residential PV Permit Plan

System Sizing and Production Estimates

  • Preliminary Solar Assessment and Specific Production Estimation


  • Inverter/Module recommendation and BOS selection


  • Efficient and aesthetic PV Array layout


  • Dead Load Calculations
  • Solar Structure Attachment and Anchoring Details
  • Review of existing structure to support solar
  • Structural Review (in US only)


  • Wire and Conduit Sizing
  • Electrical Site Plan
  • Electrical Line Diagram
  • Warning Labels and Placards
  • Electrical Review (in US only)

Answers to common questions



Residential and electrical plans require 20-24 hours.

We can provide reviews in all 50 states as well as their AHJs.

Both parties will sign a service agreement, after which you complete an input checklist that we provide to you. This checklist gives us the information we need to create permit plans specific to your project.

We accept credit cards, debit cards, wire transfers, and online transfers.

Our company specializes in engineering and design. Installation is not part of our services. We can put you in touch with local subcontractors if we know of any in your area.

why choose us

Why Choose Us?

We deliver reliable, accurate, and cost-effective designs for AHJ approval so that you will never have to spend time revising designs.

24 hours turnaround is standard for residential solar projects

No additional fee for AHJ/Utility corrections (if any)

Dedicated Project Manager to handle your account

Easy to get started, fixed price per project, volume discounts